Five things for Friday


Missing this view and summer vacation in Wildwood Crest, N.J. With their boardwalk that looks the same since the 50s, it’s such a nostalgic place. Cape May, N.J. is a short drive, too, and has such adorable stores (including a dog store!) and fun restaurants and bars.


Looking forward to snuggling with these two this weekend. Jersey is on the left and JoJo is on the right.


I am the QUEEN of killing live plants in our house, but after reading about all the advantages/uses of aloe vera [here], I’m going to try and keep this guy alive.


Two of my most favorite decorative pieces live on our bar cart. A geode I’ve had since I was in elementary school and it’s so pretty. The rhino on the right is from my trip to Africa and is hand-carved from ebony wood.


Today’s final part of Friday’s Five is a watercolor painting I did this week. A former co-worker of mine and I were emailing and he ended the last email in our chain with BE ENCOURAGED. I couldn’t help but steal it — not a bad saying to have hanging in your office (the board it’s hanging on will be featured later in a DIY project).

Happy weekend!


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