Five things for Friday

This week has been one with happy moments and sad moments and just seems like it has been emotionally-charged for the whole country. In New Orleans, the majority of the City has spent the week reminiscing, showing gratitude and celebrating the progress after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Living in New Orleans has its challenges sometimes, but, no matter what, it’s impossible not to acknowledge, appreciate, respect and be grateful for the captivating spirit that the City embodies.

I wasn’t here during Hurricane Katrina as we moved to New Orleans in August of 2007, but some of the stories I’ve heard and what some of our friends went through was unimaginable. As New Orleanians remember that history-altering time, I hope they can celebrate the progress and positive changes that have occurred since August 29, 2005.


The above photos can be found here and were taken by Mario Tama of Getty Images. The Dome: then and now.

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The other story this week that was unfathomable to me, as well as the rest of the country, was the death of two media members in Roanoke, Va. after an unconscionable act of violence. It is so terribly sad and tragic that Alison Parker and Adam Ward (pictured above from here) from Virginia’s WDBJ7 were the victims in a shooting. There are so many, too many, innocent victims in shootings every day across the country, however, the way everything played out on-air is inconceivable. The dignity, humility, professionalism and heart that the victims’ station has show has been so admirable.

It was impossible to ignore the above mentioned events from the week, but I do want to end the week on a lighter note.


Last weekend was one of my favorites in a long time as my college teammate, Julianne (far left), came to town to visit her friend from home, Rheannon (far right), and I had the chance to spend some quality time with the two of them. It was great to reconnect with my former doubles partner and make a new NOLA friend — it was a much-needed girl-centric weekend of fun and I feel so lucky to have had that time with them both!


The above photo is of our new headboard (!!!). I have been contemplating making one for the past two years for our new place, but never committed. The first one I made at our old place was so pretty, but so heavy, so hard to hang and I just didn’t want to repeat that. This one was SO much easier — thank goodness — and is made out of cardboard. I’m so happy the way it came out — simple, blends right in and keeps the cool colors going in our bedroom in hopes of creating a calm space.


JoJo is a social media star! Ha ha! Since yesterday was #NationalDogDay, our digital media manager (Thanks, Beth!) chose a photo of one of our dogs while they were wearing a unibrow. We had the unibrows for a post-season award campaign for Anthony Davis a few years ago and I couldn’t resist putting them on the dogs as a part of the social media aspect. Don’t worry — no animals were harmed in the process, I promise!

It’s been a long week, but I hope everyone has a great weekend and has the chance to spend time with their loved ones!

Happy Friday!


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