Home Decor: 5 Changes We Made to Make Our Home More Relaxing

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I spent the majority of ours working, but painted and read for a few hours on Saturday night. SO relaxing!

I just wanted to take one quick second to thank everyone for the support last week as I launched the blog. The texts, emails, kind words at work and Facebook comments were so sweet and I cannot explain how much it meant! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Today’s post is all about the home. When we first moved to New Orleans, I wanted all red everything! It was a color we both liked and it was bright, bold and fun. I started throwing in a pale blueish green hue in our second place, as well with pops of yellow to create a fun, energetic feeling in our main living area.

As much as I loved it, when we moved into our new place, I wanted to come home and feel calm and relaxed. I started being more observant when we stayed at hotels or got a spa treatment and was immediately drawn to the grey-blue hues.

Here are the five ways we made our living space/bedroom calm, cool and relaxing:


1. Embrace the natural light. For me, feeling outside is relaxing, so I wanted to take advantage of all of the windows we had in our downstairs living area (Please excuse the yellowish light coming from the kitchen!). I went with sheer curtains all around, but wanted something a little more dramatic for the french doors, so we went with a heavy, grey fabric (I made these myself; they’re a little long, but I’m okay with the pooled bottoms.

2. Find your calm color. For us, it’s all about the blues and neutrals. All of our basics pull from those color families… I’ve even kind of given up those pops of color. When we first bought the furniture set (from Rooms to Go; I’ll talk more in-depth about this when we talk furniture shopping for your needs), I wasn’t totally feeling the mix of gray and taupe, but it’s become more prevalent when I’m looking at home decor items, so I’ve come to accept it. I did, however, HATE the pillows that came with our couch. I brought home about six different options on three or four separate occasions and NOTHING was fitting the bill. Enter… H&M. It also helped that they were on sale and there was an extra 50% sale items, so I got them for $7 a cover (!!!). I found these covers at the French Quarter location and couldn’t have been more excited–H&M’s home section is a great resource for affordable, stylish home décor items.


3. Find smells that chill you out. Clean, slightly beachy smells are my favorites. Bath and Body Works has some great candles (our favorites are: Turquoise Waters, Mahogany Teakwood and Fresh Water & Sea Salt –OBSESSED!) and I’ve found a few Nate Berkus for Target candles that I have loved, too. Around the holidays, this goes out the window — I don’t know about y’all, but for us, it’s all about Fresh Balsam!


4. Make it feel comfy. We have a lot of pillows and blankets around at all times near our sitting area. I’m a curl-up-in-the-corner-of-the-couch kind of girl and I want everyone that comes to our home to feel like they can embrace it as well. We simply store everything in the basket underneath the end table and encourage our guests to make themselves at home–there’s one caveat, however, the dogs WILL snuggle with you!

DSC_0034 DSC_0040

5. Accessorize to give it some life. If everything was all neutrals, blues and grays, our house would be BORING! I love accessorizing with fun pieces – the cost is usually minimal, they make a huge impact and they’re easy to change. Some of my favorites in our home are the art piece about the kitchen table, the styled bookcase, the bar cart and my grandmother’s hutch with the Staffordshire Dogs. The hutch doesn’t perfectly match our aesthetic, but it is such a special piece and is gorgeous. The Staffordshire Dogs remind me of our own pooches and my cousin’s wife, Judy, found them at an estate sale outside Philadelphia. They’re so special because she was on the lookout forever! I’ve tried to keep it minimal, but with the bookcase, I’ve included pieces from some of our travels, framed photos and cookbooks (So. Many. Cookbooks.). I may do a separate post identifying everything. The fun accessories help bring some life and personality to the space without being too much – at least, that’s what I aimed to do!

How do you make your home your own? What are your favorite rooms to relax in? I’m always looking for decor tips so leave them in the comments if you have some to share!

Happy Monday — have a great day!


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