The Week that Got Away…

Happy Monday!

Well, my goal of having a post every day Monday through Friday was blown up last week! I’m sorry for going almost a week (!!!) without any new content.

Last week, we had two big events: the unveiling of our Pride unifroms for Pelicans which are Mardi Gras-themed and the Justice For All Ball which was held at the Saints and Pelicans facilities on Friday night.

The below picture was taken by one of my co-workers, Ashley Amoss, at the uniform unveiling. When it came to this event, there were A LOT of variables and moving parts, but the ‘ta-daa!’ moment that we wanted so badly to create was a success. You can catch the whole video here.  There were 100 second-graders that sat in front of the stage which added a fun element and they brought some serious energy!

uni unveilingZd0kI24F2PIlm1hCnxG1hneWC-jFYWP9XTpKWn3G7zoJrue Holiday giving out high-fives at the Pride uniform unveiling. (Photo by Layne Murdoch, Jr./NBA Photos).

The next event was the Justice For All Ball benefiting the Pro Bono Project and that was on Friday night. The event was beautiful – the below photo doesn’t do it justice! I haven’t heard final numbers yet, but I hope the event raised a lot of money.

IMG_1006The Ball ended around midnight and I walked in the door at home around 3:35 a.m. After that, Saturday was pretty much a wash and I spent a lot of time napping with two of my favorite cuddle buddies.

IMG_0994 IMG_0995

They’re too funny. JoJo always lays next to the bed like that, but, most times, sticks his head underneath so it’s dark — he’s an ostrich dog!

Yesterday was game day for the Saints… not the outcome we were all hoping for but tomorrow is the start of a new day!

Here’s to a good start of the week! Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes from this article. I can’t even remember where I first clicked on a link, but it was an interesting read.

“You bring your own weather to the picnic.”

Have a great day!


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