Work Dresses on a Budget

I’m VERY excited to talk about one of my favorite wardrobe staples today: dresses.

When it comes to work, I RARELY wear pants. Dresses, in my mind, are way less work and it’s so easy to throw one on, add jewelry, a cardi/blazer and a cute pair of flats or heels and I’m out the door.

From a work standpoint, I have a few staples that I have invested in, but, I tend to be hard on clothes, so it seems silly for me to drop $100 or more on a work dress that I’m going to beat up in three months.

My staple stores: Old Navy, Target and Forever 21.

I know, I know, it seems a little strange. Don’t get me wrong — I have a few great dresses from Macy’s that I scored on sale, but, for the most part, I’ve found great pieces at a great price point. Why spend $100 when you can spend $30? A lot of the Target dresses I have found (I have #8 in black), garner many compliments because they’re of good quality and don’t look inexpensive.

Below are a few choices from the three stores I mentioned. After writing this post, I may be making some purchases myself.

The key is the fit. Keep an eye out to make sure you’re looking at pieces that aren’t cut for junior sizes. Having a large chest, I usually steer clear of the junior lines in Target, especially, and the clothes in the Merona line are my starting point. Forever 21 tends to run REALLY short in the normal sizes, but in the small plus-size options, I’ve found that things fit a little more appropriately in regards to the chest area and in terms of length.

Work dresses on a budget-1

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   Work dresses on a budget-2

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I love a good dress that I can wear during the day with flats and a cardigan and, to transition to an event or a game, I can throw on a blazer, heels and some dressier jewelry and be good to go.

BTW, how cute is the mint dress (12)?! More of a spring piece, but the lace detail on the shoulders was too cute to ignore!

Where are your go-to places to score a good deal?

Have a great day!`


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