Five Things for Friday

TGIF! Who’s with me? This has felt like a long week. I didn’t post yesterday because I haven’t been feeling great this week — just super exhausted and lathargic which isn’t normal. Hopefully, I can relax some this weekend — some of the girls from work are coming over Sunday to watch the game — and just spend time at home.


There was one more element of happiness from Sunday’s Saints win — the new Dannijo earrings I wore aren’t bad luck! I received a Saks gift card and have had my eyes on some of Dannijo’s peices for a LONG time (pretty sure I had a couple pieces on last year’s Christmas wish list).


On Tuesday, the Pelicans hosted a Jr. Pelicans event as a part of the Jr. NBA initiative. I LOVE this program and am really excited about it. Youth basketball and playing the sport from when I was young through most of high school had a huge impact on my life and I can’t wait to see local kids in our region fall in love with basketball, too!


Oh, JoJo. He’s injured…again. He tweaked a muscle in his back. Giving Jo medicine is an impossible task. Enter, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers. They are the only thing he’ll eat to take the medicine, so I’m glad I found something that works! He’s on crate rest for 14 (!!!) days. He’s hanging in there, but I can tell he’s still in some pain. Lots of extra snuggles and some serious R&R are on deck for the little man.


Today’s photos include two of the pups — lucky you! Ha ha! Jersey has been a great big sister — she has been looking after Jo since he was hurt. So sweet.

IMG_1364 The dining room table has been taken over by 31 Bits jewelry for the last week and I want to shop every time I walk by it. Hope some of the girls from work enjoy it as much as I do — I’ve already bought three pieces!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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