DIY: Jewelry Display Board with Tissue Paper Fringe


Over the weekend I completed a DIY that I was really excited about: a jewelry display board with piñata-like fringe. It took a bit of time, but it was simple and looks so pretty! I used it for a jewelry party, but I may have to rearrange my jewelry/reorganize my closet so I can use it all the time!


Tissue paper (I used almost four packs of gold packs with five sheets and about three packs of cream with eight sheets).

Hot glue/hot glue gun

Board (I used a piece of MDF I had from an old project)

1″ brass nails (I used between 20-30).



1-Cut strips of tissue paper about 4″ wide. The gold package I had fit all the way across the board, while the cream did not; I had to combine pieces to make it the width of the board.

2-Cut straight lines from the bottom, leaving about an inch and a half at the top for gluing.


3-Glue a strip of one color across the bottom of the board (I started with gold).

4-Using the same color as the tissue you glued to the bottom, line up the bottom of the fringe with the bottom of the board and glue down a strip of tissue paper, making sure it extends past both sides; just let it hang down for now).

5-Layer a second sheet on top of the first to make the fringe thicker and give it some depth.

6-Continue this process alternating colors.



7-When you get to the top, before you lay the last line of tissue, glue a piece in that color across the top and cover the end of the board (and sides).

8-Once your board is covered, you’ll have excess hanging on both sides. Go ahead and cut all of it down so it wraps around the side and about an inch on the back.


9-Starting at the bottom, glue or tape the excess to the back of the board; for this step, I sat the board on our counter and leaned it against our cabinets with the back facing me to make this step easy and fast.


10-Once all of the excess is taped to the back, flip the board around and make sure everything is glued down.

11-Lay out jewelry to see how it will look when you add the nails.

12-Nail in 1″ brass nails to hang jewelry from; you can also use the screw-in hooks for this step–they’re great for hanging jewelry!

This project would be great for a photo both or a backdrop for a photo station – it’s cheap and easy!

Thanks for reading – have a great day!


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