Wish List Wednesday: For the Furbabies


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Today’s Wish List is allllllll about the furbabies! With JoJo being injured, I find myself spoiling the dogs even more than usual…which I didn’t think was possible!

A few of these items – the rug (1), the necklace (2), the portraits (6) and the book (14) are human-centric, but I couldn’t resist them. I’m very lucky that we have tile in our downstairs, but the rug is on my must-get list for the next few months to try and cut down on the sand the dogs are tracking in (sand/dirt line the side of our house and they keep going down there despite all of my efforts to block it off) — my broom has been getting a workout lately! The book is awesome — Maddie is such a cool dog and the photos featured are gorgeous. We actually have this one already — it’s a coffee table fixture.

The Molly Mutt products – numbers 8, 11 and 12 – are awesome. We’ve had two duvet covers that I’ve stuffed with old pillows, sheets and t-shirts and I love them. JoJo destroyed one of them (he just felt like ripping a hole in it one day…go figure.) and the second one we’ve had for about 4 years and it’s in excellent shape. Before I discovered Molly Mutt, I had spent a few hundred dollars on dog beds that I would try and wash, and they’d end up destroyed. The duvet cover is perfect. It’s sturdy and I’m not stuffing an awkwardly-shaped bed in our washer to try and keep it clean. Definitely a great investment!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post — I know Jersey and JoJo would be excited to have some of these goodies!

Have a great day!





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