Organized Living: Jewelry

Today’s post has to start with this incredible story from the Ellen Show. If you watch, you might remember sweet Tayt’s story. Here’s an incredible update. Grab some tissues — he’s incredible — he just couldn’t stop hugging Ellen in his most recent appearance on the show…so sweet!

In our previous apartment, I organized my jewelry in tackle boxes with different sections. I loved it — it kept everything from getting tangled and made me feel organized — but there was one problem, I couldn’t see everything, so I was wearing the same things over and over! This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I love jewelry and have a variety of pieces I love and I just wasn’t wearing them. As the years have passed by, I have compiled quite a bit of jewelry, but I hate getting rid of it since everything eventually comes back in style and I still love all of the different pieces.

When we moved into our new place, I was determined to come up with a system that was more inspiring and encouraged me to wear more of my jewelry. When I was given solo rights to the master closet that already had some built-in shelves, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make everything more accessible.

There are three main spaces: necklaces hung on the wall, ‘fine’ jewelry/bracelets which are on one shelf and earrings/jewelry box which is on a second shelf.

In addition to displaying jewelry in a pretty way, I also wanted to give myself a place for little trinkets that were important to me to be kept in a way that didn’t feel cluttered.

First up, the necklace wall. I simply bought a few different set of hooks from Target and Home Depot (I think — similar here and here). The mask is a fun momento from the opening of the H&M location in New Orleans a few years ago.


The next two photos are from the shelf with some of the jewelry pieces I wanted to have easy access, too, as well as two bracelet stands. Some of the little keepsakes include a photo of my grandma and me when I was little, a card from a dear friend, a tape measure my grandma always used, a tiny clock from my Aunt Phoebe, a bracelet from TWLOHA and a pink handmade giraffe from my trip to Africa. When I see this shelf and that above it every morning it brings a smile to my face.

DSC_0971  DSC_0975

The final shelf has two earring holders. I also keep a special bracelet from Africa on this shelf (a Mandela bangle), as well as a jewelry box, mug from my Miracle League buddy, Brandon, and a little dish my mom got me for Christmas last year. Earrings were something I knew needed a new system, so I searched on Amazon to see what kind of earring storage options were out there — the spinning displays were the winner and I have loved them!


It’s not a perfect system, but it’s so nice to be able to see my jewelry and it definitely inspires a little creativity when it comes to accessorizing.

Happy organizing!


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