Wish List Wednesday: Holiday Prep

Holiday Pics

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Y’all…. it’s November 4…that means it’s okay to talk about the holidays, right?!

I’m not going to lie — I’m one of those people that will soon start listening to Christmas music and I’ve already contemplated bringing out the holiday decor. I’m going to try and wait until Thanksgiving, but it may be tough!

I’m DYING over the matching elf pajamas (1)! Every year, I buy my SO and I new holiday-themed jammies and Target has some that would allow the puppies in on the fun! He would kill me…KILL ME! Ha!

I’m loving the lanterns (6) and the pre-lit trees (13) for the front porch — I’m going to try and up my outdoor holiday decorating this year.

Etsy has some amazing holiday items – I love this custom roller (3)! So much fun and would be great for sugar cookies. The Prosec-HO-HO-HO card (4) gave me a giggle – I know a few ladies who love champs and who would adore this card!

Hopefully, this didn’t infuriate anyone too much — I have seen WAY too much hate for those of us nerds that love the holidays on social media – to each his own, right?

With that, I’ll leave you with this:


Have a great day!




2 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday: Holiday Prep

  1. Susan Walpole

    I’m sooooo on the same page as you! So much so that I not only have the elf pajamas already … I went back for the santa ones too!! I LOVE them!!!! (PS, they have slippers to match too! I didn’t get those … yet, lol.)

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