Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy week and we have a busy weekend ahead, but I’m hoping it will be a 3-win-in-1 weekend as the Pelicans play tonight and tomorrow and the Saints play at home on Sunday.

IMG_2196Class photo with mass comm students at Loyola University after a panel discussion about the importance of relationships between media/PR.

IMG_2007Happy [belated] Halloween! A picture of some work pals celebrating the holiday a day early and Ashley’s birthday a few days late.

IMG_2080LOVED walking into Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies and seeing these colorful, decorated tiles. A bright way to start the day for students and staff for sure!

IMG_2137The sweet Jersey girl made her own pillow one morning this week.

IMG_2543Special shoutout to my JoJo Bear! This week was his 4th (!!!) adoptiversary. I can’t believe he’s been a Mitchell for four years. Time. Flies.

Have a great weekend!


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