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I’m sending you over to for today’s post. I chose to writer about mentors today. I’m really lucky to have worked for some great people. It’s not easy to find a professional who is willing to take the time out of his or her already-busy schedule to help someone else become better.

Someone to whom I will always be grateful is Tom McGuire, the Director of Sports Information/Athletic Marketing and Promotions at Bloomsburg University. Had I not worked for Tom for three years in the sports communications department, there is no way I would be living my dream of working in the NBA. Tom always made time to give feedback on my work and would ALWAYS be there when I had questions and needed guidance as I began my career. I will forever be grateful to him.

resizeIn 2014, Tom was honored by the ECAC-SIDA (Eastern College Athletic Conference-Sports Information Directors Association) with its Marsh Award. (Photo from here)

Below is the first tip for establishing a relationship with a mentor. Hope you enjoy the article!


5 Tips for Mentor-Seeking, Cold-Contacting Professionals and Job-Hunting in your Industry

Find the Right Time
This is of the utmost importance. Depending on the industry in which you aspire to work, look to make contact during a part of the year when the workload is lightest. For example, if you want to work in sports, the weeks leading up to the season, or early on in the schedule, are the worst for sports professionals. So target the off-season – perhaps a few weeks after the season ends. Continue reading…

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