A True Team Player

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My third article posted on so I’ll be sending you over there today. This post is about being a team player and what that REALLY means in an office setting.

Throughout high school and college, it’s ingrained in us that saying, “I’m a team player” in an interview is a must. Sadly, when you begin your career and years in, you realize that not everyone understands the true meaning of what it is to be a part of a team.

Thankfully, our Pelicans PR #squad is pretty darn awesome. We even take super fun selfies with old school sunglasses on 80s night!


Below is the beginning of the article and you can click on the link to see the rest on Happy reading!


5 Insights on What it Really Means to be a Good Colleague and Co-Worker  

Team player. Every interviewee has used it to describe the kind of employee they are, but once in the position, what does the phrase truly mean?  Here are five characteristics of people who pull their weight, lift others up (psychologically speaking), and understand that their professional goals should enhance the larger ones of the organization.  That’s a team player. Continue reading…

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