Happy New Year & Friday’s Five


2015 ended in a bit of disarray.

December 1, Lindsey 0.

Well, blogging past December 8 was a definite fail. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but this month is ALWAYS a busy one and work, travel, the holidays and this virus (I am STILL coughing!) won.

The biggest part of the letdown is that I had some fun content planned for the month. When I first started the blog, I think I literally had 25 ideas for the month of December surrounding the holiday season. Better luck next year, Lindsey!

Life update:

Work:  Football season is [almost] over. Christmas week was a nightmare – we had two home Saints games (Dec. 21 and 27) and two home Pelicans games (Dec. 23 and Dec. 26). Four games in a week isn’t abnormal, but with the number of events, too, and trying to prepare for the holidays, it was a lot.  We’re done with home football games and the Saints play their last game of the year at Atlanta on Sunday afternoon. The holiday events that the Saints and Pelicans hosted are always among my favorites. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up multiple times at Eric Gordon’s event on Dec. 22. The video recap is awesome! Basketball season is in full swing and we’re hoping the January schedule for the Pels brings lots of wins since we have nine home games. Still a lot of basketball to be played!

Christmas: Christmas morning was really nice and quiet. We slept in until about nine, which was amazing, and made our cinnamon rolls and opened gifts. The dogs got LOTS of treats! For Christmas Day dinner we hosted nine people (not including my mom, my SO and myself). I was a little aggressive with the menu, but my mom and I did a pretty good job of knocking everything out. In the middle of the day, she wasn’t feeling well, so I was on a solo mission for a while, but, by some miracle, everything got done and only 3 people had arrived before I was showered and ready…yikes! Ha ha!

Home: My mom has been killing it helping around the house. She’s been helping so much with laundry and the post-Christmas clean-up and I’m really looking forward to packing up all of the holiday decorations and getting things back to normal this weekend. I have a few projects I’m working on around the house, so I’m looking forward to sharing those soon.

Other than that, here’s today’s Friday’s Five and I’m really looking forward to posting daily again as the New Year kicks off (one of my resolutions this year!).

IMG_3552A beautiful sky walking out of work last week.

IMG_3487I told you our Christmas game was off… a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that was FREE because I got it at Home Depot on Dec. 22.

IMG_3605Took my mom to the Audubon Zoo. It was a gorgeous day. This was late in the afternoon near where the Pelicans live.

IMG_3635One of my Christmas gifts was a baby animal calendar! Ha ha! Love this Prize Candle from my friend, Steph, too — there is a ring inside every one worth up to $5,000! How fun!

IMG_3630Row 1 (L to R): My alarm on the morning of Game 3 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs last year, the Smoothie King Center the morning of Game 3, Posing with life-size versions of Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis from “The Special Man” spot the Pelicans released last year. Row 2 (L to R): A throwback to senior prom in celebration of Bob’s wedding in November, King Cake donuts at work to celebrate Mardi Gras and posing with 335 mini Anthony Davis dolls in preparation for 2015 post-season awards.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! Enjoy the long weekend and the beginning of 2016. Here’s to a wonderful year!

Have a great day!



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