Getting organized in 2016

It’s that magical time of year when everyone is on their best behavior — eating healthy, going to the gym, keeping up with their schedule and meeting all of their resolutions.

This year, I’m hoping to be more organized. I go in spurts, usually, where I’m good about utilizing my planner and my Outlook calendar, but this year, I’m hoping to be a little more consisent.

Here are the steps I’m following:

1-Find a planner with an efficient layout.

Last year, I bought a Sugar Paper planner from Target and loved it. In the past, I’ve tried a ton of different ones — big, small, monthly-only, ones with time slots — and the one I used last year finally was the right fit. I bought the 2016 one as soon as it came out and transferred all of the birthdays and important dates into it from last year. It’s 8 1/2 X 11 which I love and has a month layout, plus a week layout. The great change they made this year was to have the week on one side and then a whole page for notes — LOVE that! Great for making lists and taking notes on important items! The colors are so pretty, too — blush and gold!

50032633_Alt012-Communicate better on household chores/errands/etc.

I’m hoping my significant other and I can both download the Wunderlist app so we can share to-do list…and I can make lists FOR him! Ha ha! One of my friends, Robert, told me his soon-to-be bride, Ashley, found this app and it’s been really efficient for them as they count down the days until their wedding. You can categorize the lists, as well as set reminder notifications — genius! Here’s a link to the site–can’t wait to get this in full swing!

3-Meal plan.

A few years ago, when the NBA was in the middle of a lockout and I wasn’t receiving overtime, I had to really budget for meals and was really dilligent about a meal plan. It was life-changing. WIth football season coming to an end, we still have a lot of Pelicans games and events, but I’m hoping to get back in the routine of meal planning on Saturdays and grocery shopping for the week on Sundays. It made me feel like my life was so much more together! Note: Jen from IHeartOrganizing has some great printables for meal planning — I often found myself using her sheet for my outline and grocery list.

4-Find an app for help! I’ve been starting to do some research on apps that are supposed to be like having a personal assistant. I’m going to try and test out Evernote and SpeakToIt and see if either of those are helpful. I’m a little old school and kind of love just using a planner, but I want to give it a shot…stay tuned!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Have a great day!


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