Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m looking forward to the weekend and *hopefully* some better weather than we’ve had. It’s sunny and beautiful today–please let it stay that way!

Here are your five photos for Friday – have a great weekend!

IMG_3722One of my college teammates, Iida, was in town with her fiance, [precious] daughter and her sister and boyfriend. It was SO nice to catch-up and meet her little girl…and also here about her home country of Finland–it’s officially on my travel wish list!

IMG_3699The Saints finished the season with a win over the Falcons. Our neighbor, Ms. Sheila, left another note at our door — she really hates the Falcons –and clearly JoJo hates when I go outside without him!

IMG_3666Had the chance to catch up with my stepbrother Chris and his wife Tess. We ate at Katie’s Restaurant — garlic feta fries pictured above. AMAZING!

IMG_3686In Botswana, the go-to tea is Five Roses Rooibos. I found about 20 bags in my luggage when I was packing for Chicago last month. Every time I have it, I can’t help but daydream about the wonderful trip.

IMG_3691The French Quarter during the holidays is even more magical than usual – the decor is beautiful!

Have a great day!


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