Five Things for Friday

Happy [almost] weekend!

This week should be fun – I get to celebrate the pregnancy of a dear friend at her shower and Jersey and I are going to have a Mommy-DoggyDaughter date. Today’s five photos are heavy on the jewelry, but they’re a few new pieces I’ve acquired that I’m in love with. Enjoy!

4The credit I received for hosting a party for 31 bits allowed me to add two gorgeous pieces to my collection. Sophia Bush’s design, The Storyteller, for 31 bits. Loving her message & the necklace.

IMG_381731 bits recently launched a Refined collection and it’s gorgeous. Love this dainty necklace – great for layering.

IMG_3831I have been coveting this Kendra Scott necklace since last fall. The combo of a sale and a Christmas gift card allowed me to add it to my collection.

img_3835.jpgBefore Christmas, I was fortuante to win an Instagram contest hosted by Elaine Turner. I won the above frame and a $100 gift card – so exciting! I’m loving the tortoise shell earrings and the matching mousepad that I purchased. Check out the site – love some of the handbags, too!

IMG_3839When I was cleaning the guest room, I glanced at one of the bookshelves and snapped a pic. I saved some of my favorite magazines and featured some of my favorite photos: (L to R) Jersey in a Jersey frame from a photo shoot I did with her when she was a puppy, a portrait of my grandmother when she was a student at Tulane (so crazy she spent time in New Orleans and we live here, too!) and a photo of my cousin, Kristen, my grandmother and me reading before bed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Have a great day & thanks for reading!


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