DIY: HEY Y’ALL sweatshirt

It’s hard to believe it’s already Monday! Our office is closed, but the team is playing on ESPN against the Memphis Grizzlies as a part of the NBA’s traditional games on MLK Day. I saw this graphic on Instagram and thought it was a great thing to remember on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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Today’s project is an easy one. I love shirts with phrases on it — I don’t know why I gravitate to them so much, but they are just fun. I think when I see someone wearing a cheeky shirt, I think to myself, “That person doesn’t take themselves too seriously and they likely don’t hate fun.” Ha ha! Seems simple enough.

Here’s what you need.



-Iron-on lace (I can’t find it online, but I bought mine at JoAnn Fabric and it was perfect for this!)

-A blank pre-washed shirt of your choice



-Print out in actual size of what you want the shirt to say

-Extra shirt or towel for ironing


1-Decide what you’d like to have your shirt say and play around with fonts/shapes/sizes on the computer (I used Arial Narrow for this project).

2-Cut out the letters.

3-Tape them to a piece of the iron-on lace so you can easy cut the letter out.

4-Lay out the letters on your sweatshirt. I wish I had flattened the ‘roll’ of lace before I started, but live and learn!

5-Put a t-shirt or thin towel over your letters (I did one word at a time) and hold for 60 seconds.

6-Remove the iron and admire your work! Repeat this step until you’ve affixed everything to the sweatshirt.

7-Dress & impress!

Note: Sadly, mine’s not perfect. The ‘H’ is a little bit crooked — drats!





I thought this one would be cute with black jeans, booties and a chambray shirt and statement necklace. Love how the lace ended up looking! Sorry about the lighting in this shot — it was taken in a different room than the others.

Hope you enjoy this fun DIY — man, the things I could do if I had a Cricut! Ha ha!

Have a great day!



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