Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday!

This week felt so long even though we had Monday off — I’m breaking down and going to the doctor again. This cold/cough has been going for six-plus weeks now and I’ve had it!

Here are five photos to start the weekend!

IMG_3924Brisket sliders & marinated brussel sprouts from Butcher.

IMG_3873Jersey put herself to bed on Saturday night.

IMG_3964My selfie game sucks, but Mom wanted a picture of the sunglasses she got me for Christmas. Love them — and love that they do more than protect my eyes from the sun. Thanks, Mom!

IMG_3913Received the best mail this week: a delivery from Rehab for Katy! So excited about the inspirational calendar and notecards — thank you, sweet friend! Check her out — she’s amazing!

IMG_3910A fresh New Jersey everything bagel + veggie cream cheese = happiness (& dinner on Tuesday)! Peppermint tea for dessert isn’t so bad either.

Have a great weekend & thanks for reading!


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