Wish List Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your man or woman [DIY, inexpensive & thoughtful]

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Happy Wednesday!

This week is going fast since the office was closed and this weekend is the NBA All-Star Break…and I am NOT complaining about it!

Today’s post is for those of us who aren’t so into Valentine’s Day, but still would love to do something thoughtful for our significant other. This Wednesday post is a little non-traditional as in there aren’t links for every idea. Hope this helps you last-minute shoppers!

1 – 52 Reasons Why I Love You – I’ve seen this gift on Pinterest a ton and it’s super cute. It’s so cheap and easy and all the materials you need could be found at the drug store or even the Dollar Store. Just come up with 52 reasons, type or write them on a sheet of paper you can glue to the cards, use some binder rings to bind them and you’re done!

2 – Love Letter Board with Candy – This is another Pinterest favorite and there are a TON of versions on the website you can use. Or, you can get creative and write your own – just use one of the previous ones that uses the candy ‘terms’ for your love letter. Another one that can be sourced at the drug store or Dollar Store!

3 – A Cuddle Kit for 2 – I LOVE this one! Grab all the goodies – and extra candy or snacks you and your love enjoy during movie nights and enjoy a night in!

4 – Memory Balloons – As a gift one year, when I had been with someone for five Valentine’s Days, I bought five balloons and attached a weight and card to each. Each card had the number of the year we’d been together and my favorite memory from that year. I also made a chocolate cake [the best recipe!] with a heart made out of pink M&M’s on the top and dropped everything off at work. He had said it was one of his favorite gifts…even if he was a little embarrassed at the office!

5 – Swedish Fish Gift – This one is so easy and so cute and can be done for a ton of different candies. Again, Pinterest is your BFF on this one – search the favorite candy of your significant other and Valentine’s Day and you’ll have lots of ideas to choose from!

6 – Date Jar – Such a fun idea! Those this may take a LITTLE more time than some of the others, I love this idea. Each color popsicle stick determines the type of date.

7 – Coupon Book – Another classic DIY gift, there are a million templates online, but be creative and personalize some of them. If your guy or gal loves breakfast in bed, include that – or if there is a restaurant you hate but they love, promise to eat a meal there together. This one is easily personalized and can make a person feel so so special!

8 – Dessert surprise! – Scoop up your significant other’s favorite restaurant dessert and hand deliver it – always a treat!

9 – Basket of Favorites – The picture of the next gift idea is one I helped a co-worker put together for one of her staff members as a thank you. It’s so easy to make and personalize to really spoil the person on the receiving end. Collect candy, gift cards and other items, hot glue them to a dowel and find a great container to put them all in. Here’s an easy tutorial (I’ll admit, I didn’t use floral tape when I made mine) – it’s SUCH an easy gift to be as creative or simple as you wish!

10 – Book his or her favorite day! – Similar to the coupons and spoiling your significant other by promising to put on a smile and participate in their favorite outing, activity or heading to their favorite restaurant, this one is a way to really show you care. A lot of times, your loved one may not suggest their favorite activities or places because he/she knows it’s not on your list – surprise them by already having everything set! A simple, but sweet and thoughtful gesture.

11 – Cook his or her favorite meal – I feel like I am guilty of always deferring to this, but, homemade lobster ravioli is always a hit. If your significant other has a favorite meal at a restaurant that’s not TOO far outside of your comfort zone to make, gift it a shot. If you can, find a way to incorporate hearts – like the heart-shaped cookie cutter I used to make raviolis – or make a heart-shaped cake. Again, it’s the thought that counts with this one — well, if the house is still standing when you’re done in the kitchen!

I hope these ideas help if you’re looking for a last-minute idea that’s thoughtful, simple and doesn’t break the bank!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Have a great day!



Wish List Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Best Gal Pal

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 Even though Valentine’s Day has become QUITE the spectacle, it’s still fun to pick out sweet gifts for the special people in your life and today’s post is all about Valentine’s gifts for your bestie — and they’re all under $25!

This list has something for everyone and, once I started picking out what I thought would be fun gifts, I just kept going!

You can never go wrong with candy – and how fun is the gummy sushi (8) and the ‘Perfect Man’? (3) Ha ha! I had to include Gertrude Hawk candy — peanut butter smidgens (11) are delicious! Champs aka Bubbles (17) is something with which you can NEVER go wrong and the Pier 1 flutes (16) are so pretty with their gold stems.

Bando had some great gifts – the tumblers (1) are great and would be awesome for a girlfriend to keep at work or at her nightstand. The notebooks (7) are too cute, too!

I found a slew of fun accessories, too, like the heart sunglasses (2) from Urban Outfitters, the headphones (4) from H&M (SO cute!) and the earrings (9-on sale!) from Anthropologie. Another great sale item are those PJs from Target (5) – $13!

Rounding out my favorite gift selections was the notebook (10) from Gigi New York that says, “My tastes are simple…I’m easily satisfied with the best.” LOVE it! The fleece blanket (15) from Target is so fun and a steal at under $10. Lastly, Lush products — just can’t get enough of them! I included a pink bath bomb (14), a unicorn horn bubble bath bar (12) and a really fun lip scrub (13).

Personally, I JUST took down the last of our holiday decor items (I had a few that were hung up high that I was just too lazy to drag the letter in to take down until the weekend) and some of our outdoor decor is still up… I know, I know…SO embarrassing! It’s been chilly so I just haven’t taken the ladder outside yet and that is why Valentine’s Day isn’t really on the radar just yet.

I hope this list inspires you as it has inspired me to start brainstorming ideas for my significant other– and anyone in my life I feel like spoiling a little bit!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Wish List Wednesday

Since October (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit), my mom has been asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I guess today’s Wish List Wednesday is the ‘Lindsey Gift Guide’…ahem, SO and Mom, you’re welcome! Ha ha!

Microsoft Word - Holiday Wish List

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 I’ve been coveting this i smell great perfume for a while. I tried out the sample pack and Wild Honey was my favorite. It lasts all day and smells so good!

As I become more and more obsessed with hiking (it’s not doing me much good down here in Louisiana!), I’d love a great pair of trail shoes and this pair of Saucony shoes got rave reviews.

LOVE this bracelet – so pretty and can be dressed up and down!

Reese Witherspoon was brilliant in the move, Wild, but I really want to read the book. I bought it for my brother-in-law a few years ago and wish I would have grabbed an extra copy.

If I had to sum up my hopes and dreams in 10 words, I think this shirt is pretty much on point. Coffee could be replaced with wine, too – I think I love them equally!

At this point in my life, I’ve baked thousands of cupcakes and I STILL cannot make a full batch that are consistency the same size. This little cupcake scoop would be a HUGE help!

The Big Cats Initiative collaboration with TOMS and National Geographic has been included in several gift guides and it’s making another appearance. I usually don’t invest too much in sunglasses, but I’m loving these – and the fact that profits benefit big cat conservation – purrrrrrrfection!

Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am with Ellen. This water bottle would be great for work – I’m REALLY trying to drink more water!

We have a few Pure Barre locations in NOLA and I’d love to try some classes—I’ve only heard amazing things and it’d be fun to try a new workout.

Board games are a blast – would love to add Cards Against Humanity to my collection.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Have a great day!


Holiday Gift Guide: Day 2

We’re kicking off today’s gift guides with family and wrapping up with a list of ideas for a girl’s most fashionable friend.

Happy list-making!

Microsoft Word - BROTHER

For the home: If you’re looking for a fun gift for your brother, this crate of goodies would definitely be a hit. Mancrates carries gifts featuring TONS of different teams’ logos and different themes.

To feel handsome: I’ve mentioned Kiehl’s before on the blog, but I had to throw this set in there as a great gift for a brother. It has the basics of skincare for men and, when I was looking for gifts before, I smelled a few of these products and they are amazing.

To accessorize: TOMS is going to make multiple appearances in the gift guides. Not only are these shoes awesome, but they’re a part of the TOMS Animal Initiative AND, because of your purchase, a child in need will receive a pair of shoes. TOMS is joining forces with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative to raise awareness and funds in an effort to reverse the declining numbers of big cats around the world through several projects in Africa, Asia and North and South America. The lining of the shoes even features Nat Geo photos of lions!

Steal!: When I was trying to think of a fun gift that, I felt like, you could only get a sibling to provide a good laugh, Soap-on-a-Rope immediately came to mind. I mean, who else would appreciate a frog Soap-on-a-Rope more than a sibling?!

Splurge!: If you’re really looking to spoil your brother, a great set of headphones is the way to go. This pair of earbuds from Bose is pricey, but there’s no better brand out there!

Bonus idea: One of my co-workers was telling me about this phone case created by J. Crew and Jimmy Fallon. Such a cool idea – an attachable pocket square for a phone case to jazz up your jacket?! Genius, Jimmy Fallon, genius.

To wear: Crazy socks are always a fun gift and these are no exception—however, there is an added bonus, profits benefit the Human Rights Campaign!

For the mind: Lastly, to keep your brother inspired, check out this book by Buzz Aldrin, No Dream Is Too High. This gift gives back, too, as profits benefit the National Geographic Society.

Microsoft Word - Bestie_Sister

To stay fit: Inspire your sister or bestie during this workout with this great Nike tank.

Splurge!: Everyone remembers the various friendship bracelets passed around in middle school, but this gorgeous bracelet puts those to shame. Give your best gal something to remind them of how much they mean to you.

For the home: This Kate Spade mug is too cute. Such a great gift idea!

To feel pretty: A few months ago, I ordered the sample pack for I Smell Great to see which scents I liked. Wild Honey – amazing! Love this mist!

To accessorize: What girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s? These earrings are timeless and classic…and go with anything!

Splurge…again!: I had to add a second ‘splurge’ item when I saw this necklace. It’s made from horn and is one of The Akola Project’s gorgeous pieces. Charitable gift alert! The Akola Project (named by the women working for the projects because “akola” means “she works”), has impacted 2,750 people in the last seven years. The Akola Project empowers women by giving them an opportunity to work, learn life skills and provide for their family.

To relax: Kiehl’s strikes again. This amazing lavender foaming bath will help anyone relax.

Steal!Steal!: How cute are these earrings? Less than $10?! What a great stocking stuffer!

Bonus idea!: You can create your own message on a bracelet on Ryan Porter’s website. This bracelet shows the love!

To wear: Jillian Harris has impeccable style and her line for Privilege Clothing is no exception. These PJs are too cute and would be such a great gift!

For the mind: Give your sis or bestie guaranteed giggles with Mindy Kaling’s first book.



Steal!: Love the idea of this shoe-cleaning kit as a steal of a gift at $16 – something that’s very useful!

For the mind: This gift will touch your man’s mind…and heart! This book from Uncommon Goods (charitable contribution alert!) gives you the chance to be the author and tell your guy how much you love him.

For the home:  These drink rocks from the Museum of Modern Art are so fun! I’ve seen whiskey stones before, but these were a whole new level. Icing on the cake – the support the museum!

To accessorize: A few years ago, I bought my SO a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones and, though they were a splurge, they have paid for themselves 10 times over. The great thing about the pair pictured here is that the colors are customizeable!

Splurge!: These cufflinks…y’all. I couldn’t pick just one pair as a splurge because the concept of both was tugging on my heartstrings. First off,  our dogs’ faces on cufflinks… amazing. Second, having the chance to customize a pair with your initials, anniversary and coordinates of where you met/were married…such a thoughtful and sweet gift!

To wear: Tommy Bahama makes these amazing t-shirts that are so soft. My SO loves them – they’re pricey, but they last for a LONG time and they have a ton of color options!

Bonus idea: Cornhole has become a backyard barbeque staple and having custom boards made for your guy are such a great gift idea. You can choose from ANY team or any color combo – Etsy has a ton of great sellers!

To feel handsome: Tommy Bahama strikes again – this scent smells so great! If you know what he likes, cologne is a great way to spoil your guy at the holidays!

We’ll wrap today’s post up with a gift guide for your most stylish gal pal…the fashionista!



To feel pretty: Fashionistas are ALWAYS the most stylish. This great Sephora palette has some gorgeous colors for everyone’s complexion.

To relax: Lush cosmetics’ Snow Fairy scent is perfect for the holidays – and the pink…perfect for a girly friend!

Splurge!: Olivia Palermo x Bauble Bar is such a great collection and this statement necklace is beautiful.

For the mind: For any fashionista, Rachel Zoe is the holy grail. You may even get an, “I DIE” out of your friend with this book as a gift.

To accessorize: Back to TOMS and its collaboration with National Geographic. These sunglasses are so cute – leopard prints are definitely a neutral—and, with purchase, funds and awareness are generated to save Big Cats!

To stay fit: Help inspire your gal pal to be active with these leggings that won’t break the bank – less than $25!

For the home: This Tom Ford quote is awesome – and I’m sure your fashionista friend doesn’t disagree. The print is less than $6—find a great frame and you’ve found a beautiful gift for your friend’s home!

Steal!: Fashionistas have style from head to toe – this phone case from H&M is a steal at $13.

To wear: Love this ILY Couture shirt – most girls are shoe addicts, right? Check out their site – some fun options for all of your friends and family!

Bonus idea: For the friend who has every article of clothing and every accessory you could imagine, give them a gift card for Stitch Fix. It’s so easy: take a style/personality test, receive pieces to try on, keep what you like and send back what you don’t and then decide if you want to keep having your ‘stylist’ pull looks for you.

That “wraps up” today’s gift guides…see what I did there?! Ha ha! Looking forward to sharing a few more the rest of the week.

Have a great day!




Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

Happy Monday!

With the start of the holiday season (in OCTOBER it seems!), I put together a few (a lot) of gift guides. The more I brainstormed, the more different ‘people’ I ended up browsing for.

Today, we’ll start with Mom and Dad and I’ll post at least two per day. I actually saw the below graphic on Facebook and really liked it. There is so much emphasis put on gifts on Christmas in our society –my house included–I wish everyone would scale back a little and focus more on being with family and friends.


Graphic from Money Saving Sisters.

Like I mentioned, today’s post will start with gift ideas for Mom and Dad. I focused on 7-9 ideas for each post you’ll see this week and tried to find a variety of items for each person on your list. I also tried to be budget-friendly and most items are below $50 (except for splurge items, of course). Additionally, the items that have red font have a charitable component included. I REALLY tried to find companies and items that gave back, even if it’s just $1 per purchase.

Without further ado, let’s get Gift Guide Week started!


For the mind: I wanted to choose a fun book for mom and I have heard amazing things about this one…I mean, let’s be honest, Tina Fey is hilarious!

To relax: Lush products are very popular in my house — they’re all natural, the company fights animal testing and gives back through its annual Charity Pot (which you’ll see later in this list). I loved this combination – it’s a bath bomb and “bubble” that both have floral scents AND it comes wrapped! Lush products smell amazing!

To accessorize: Scarves are a great accessory for everyone — you can tie them a million different ways and they can add a pop of color to an outfit. The scarf I’ve included comes in a bunch of different colors and–best of all–it supports FASHIONABLE. FASHIONABLE works with “women, both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity.”

For the Home: These glasses stuck out to me because: 1. they are beautiful and 2. a portion of the profits made from them goes towards coastal restoration in the Gulf South. Mignon Faget is a very popular jeweler in New Orleans and the store carries beautiful gifts, as well. Don’t worry, they ship everywhere!

To wear: Last week, I professed my love for ponchos and this one would be a beautiful gift. Even in New Orleans, where we have very mild weather, having one or two ponchos in the wardrobe is great when the weather cools off.

To stay fit: As our parents get older, it’s important they stay active. FitBit has great products to help them do so. The Zip is the most simple of the models and would be great for a mom to keep track of her activity.

To feel pretty: The Charity Pot is a great gift that also gives back — smells amazing and leaves skin feeling so soft!

Splurge!: I chose this timeless tote as a splurge gift for mom. This is another piece that supports a great organization — Sseko Designs. Sseko Designs uses fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty.  To date, Sseko Designs has enabled 60 Ugandans to continue on to University. Sseko provides employment (along with access to a comprehensive social impact program) to its team of 50 women in Uganda.

Steal!: How fun is this mug! Mom can have coffee and a treat– couldn’t resist this adorable gift!

Bonus idea!: I couldn’t resist this 31Bits necklace and bracelet combination as a great gift for mom. It’s from 31Bits’ Refined collection. So beautiful!

Now it’s Dad’s turn!


For the mind:  In the coming days, you’ll see that I did some shopping in National Geographic’s store and The Generals was one of the books I found. It takes an in-depth look at the intertwined stories of George Patton, Douglas MacArthur and George Marshall through WWI and the start of WWII. The great thing is — a portion of profits from the NG Store benefit the National Geographic Society which has given more than 11,000 grants supporting exploration, conservation, cultural preservation and education since its inception in 1888.

To feel handsome: This shaving set is something Dad probably won’t buy for himself, but it’s full of great products for the perfect shave!

To accessorize: Love this visor from the Human Rights Campaign website — another organization that makes some awesome gear and the profits go to a great cause!

For the Home: I couldn’t make a decision on this one! For my dad, I always end up grabbing items with his favorite teams. I love the Pelicans Tervis water bottle – it’d be great for work, the beach…everything! Tervis has EVERY team you could ever imagine. Such a great gift! And then, there is the Golfer’s BBQ set. Seriously, could this be any more awesome?  Uncommon Goods has great gifts and they donate$1 from every purchase to the charity of your choice (they have four to choose from).

To wear: It may be impossible to send your dad to a sporting event or a concert that he dreams of attending, but you can get him the gear! This Masters polo is so nice and it’s a tournament my dad enjoys watching every year as a huge golf fan. Polo shirts with the logo of your dad’s favorite sports team would make a great option, too.

Splurge!: My SO is a big fan of giving experiences as gift and this splurge is no exception. Pinehurst is a coveted course for any golfer to play and the package allows you to make it a little more all-inclusive than just paying for a round of golf. Check out the area your family lives in or where your dad resides–you might be able to make a dream come true!

Steal!: This cracked me up–soap with caffeine?! Amazing! This would be a great stocking stuffer!

Bonus idea!: For a wine-drinking dad, find a cool gadget like this opener to make opening his favorite bottle a little easier.

That’s it for Day 1! Hope this was helpful and gave you a great idea or at least got your wheels turning on some great gift ideas for Mom or Dad.

Have a great day!